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R&D Pilot Project Application

A maximum of €15,000 per project will be awarded to support a limited number of pilot studies proposed by researchers from Instruct member countries (BE, CZ, DE, ES, FR, IL, IT, NL, PT, SE, UK). Projects should propose basic or applied research which is preliminary in nature. The intent of this support is to help researchers develop external funding for projects, i.e. the expectation is that a pilot study will lead to a full grant submission. The funds are expected to cover research expenses but not normally salaries.

Applicant Guidelines

Proposals will be peer reviewed and funding decisions will be taken by the Instruct Executive Committee. Comments on the proposal will be available by request to the applicant.

Proposals should have the approval of a Principle Researcher at the applicant's institution or department.

At the conclusion of the pilot study and within one year of the project start, a researcher must submit a progress report to the Instruct Executive Committee. On the basis of this report a researcher may exceptionally seek to extend the pilot study. As before, the approval decision will rest with the Executive Committee.

The study should be of limited scope and have well defined objectives. Ordinarily a pilot study should be completed within one year. A short proposal is required for initiation of a pilot study.

R&D Pilot Application

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Instruct only accepts proposals from users who are from Instruct member countries. If you are unsure as to whether your country is a member of Instruct you can check your country's status on our countries page.

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