PhD studentship in Molecular Microbiology

Newcastle, United Kingdom Job closes: 03-Mar-2017 1:00 CET

A PhD poaition is available in Dr Salgado’s lab with any potential candidates. It's a 3.5 years studentship involving structural biology, protein biochemistry and biophysics and microbiology to study C. difficile surface layer proteins at the molecular level.

More details and to apply via this link.

The student will be integrated in a Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award project, in collaboration with University of Glasgow and University of Sheffield.

C. difficile is the most frequent cause of hospital acquired infections across Europe. This highly antibiotic resistant pathogen relies on antibiotics disrupting the gut microbiota to cause disease. We urgently need to develop species-specific antimicrobials that kill C. difficile without further disruption to the gut microbiota. The C. difficile cell is coated by a crystalline protein surface layer which is a promising but unexploited target for new therapeutics. Their work focusses on the structure, function and biogenesis of this crystal shell.

You will work alongside a postdoctoral scientist at the Newcastle University, with regular collaborative meetings with colleagues from Dr Rob Faganâs (Sheffield) and Dr Gill Douceâs (Glasgow) groups. You will spend time in the other laboratories to offer a truly exceptional educational support experience, with maximal exposure to different expertise.

Newcastle, United Kingdom

PhD studentship in Molecular Microbiology