Structural Biologist in Metabolic and Rare Diseases

Oxford, United Kingdom Job closes: 13-Apr-2017 1:00 CEST

Applications are invited for a Structural Biologist in Metabolic and Rare Diseases with experience in the field of common/inherited metabolic diseases, to join the research group led by Associate Professor Wyatt Yue.

You will be part of our metabolic research team elucidating the molecular mechanism and therapeutic potentials of causative genes for common (e.g. diabetes, obesity, endocrinology) and rare (e.g. inborn errors of metabolism) disorders. You will lead our ongoing efforts in structural and biochemical characterisation towards the target proteins/complexes, and in small molecule discovery by crystallography and biophysics with emphasis on gain-of-function (e.g. inhibitors) and loss-of-function (e.g. chaperones, substrate reduction) disorders.

You will hold a PhD in protein biochemistry or structural biology, have experience and interest in structure-based drug design, and demonstrate strong interpersonal and leadership skills to work with team members and collaborators. You will supervise and lead a team to identify and generate, for each gene target, the key structural and biochemical data that will enable the target for drug discovery. You should have a strong publication record as lead or senior authors, and have proven potential in grant writing.

Application deadline is 13th April 2017

More information and how to apply please follow this link

Oxford, United Kingdom

Structural Biologist in Metabolic and Rare Diseases